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OC: Lance Vidous by alienvs
OC: Lance Vidous
Okay i really wanted to upload some oc's for the longest time however i cannot draw for crap so i will be uploading oc's using imvu.
Anyway this is my Oc Lance Vidous
Backstory, born from a lycan and sucubus he is one if not the only lycabus in existence
Height: 5'10
weight:160 pounds
Personality: Very playful but very blunt and often shy, tends gets in trouble with others due to his hard head, can be very dominant tends to be mischievous 
being playful with other furries, male or female~
and being a little bit naughty.
Being tickled,
Getting dirty,
People calling him cute.
If you want to him for any picture you can just ask, i won't charge ya ;3


United States
Lets get straight to point most people who claim mangle is male are clearly ignorant of real world facts.  Here is the thing, If this was the modern day then there would be a argument and discussion to be had but mangle was in the 1980's and if noticed in any child's medium at the time pink was considered to be a feminine color, You didn't see a pink male transformer, he man wasn't wearing pink (well not literally but you get it) there was no pink thundercat and considering there were female in the thundercat. And finally lets look at girls entertainment at the time,rainbow bright ,my little pony and jen and gemstones, all of witch had a prominence of pink. Let's compare foxy to mangle color wise, Foxy is a brown color witch was considered in children's media back then as a male color, mangle is white and pink witch was considered a female color in children's media, why would a company not color mangle something more masculine color-wise if they wanted to keep the gender the same considering that every other toy animatronic had the same color as the original. There is no way during this time period that a children's entertainment company would change a male character's color to a feminine color without the intent of changing the gender. If i may go on a bit of a tangent here the reason i believe this discussion is still going on is because foxy is a popular character i don't think alot of fans are willing to accept the fact toy foxy was meant to be female.Hell if Scott made a new springtrap and gave him fingernails,lipsticks and breasts i would still argue the fact he is male  In the end its quite clear that mangle is female and i am sorry if you aren't willing to accept this fact but evidence from both the game and real life support the fact mangle is female. Feel free to disagree but i will stick to what i know about the time period.

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